International Court of Justice

Catalonia and the principle of territorial integrity (2)

Catalonia cannot be compared with challenged and occupied areas in the Baltic states and Ukraine .

Lithuania backed UK in dispute with Mauritius for political, security reasons

Lithuania was among a few countries to support Britain in its territorial dispute with the Indian Ocean country of Mauritius at the United Nations .

Dutch and Lithuanian interests deeply intertwined, says ambassador (1)

Ludo Segers talks to the Dutch ambassador about taking over the presidency of the European council, on why David Cameron ’s speech on getting a new deal...

Lithuanian foreign minister rejects predecessor's criticism about Ukraine as "populism"

Lithuania's Social Democratic Foreign Minister Linas Linkevičius has rejected criticism levied on him by his concervative predecessor Audronius Ažubalis...

Lithuanian politicians propose turning to international court over Crimean annexation

Lithuania's conservative party, the Homeland Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrats , has suggested initiating a UN General Assembly resolution on turning...

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