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Google: coronavirus has no major impact on people's mobility

The recently growing number of coronavirus cases has barely affected mobility of Lithuanian residents, with their movement having even grown in some...

Google presented Lithuanian initiative to world

The Internet giant Google has presented its video about Debunk EU during the Google News Initiative’s conference in Amsterdam, which attracted 183...

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Lithuania’s Fintech sector grows 45% in 2018

2018 was another hugely successful year for Fintech in Lithuania and saw the country cement its status as one of Europe’s leading Fintech hubs. The...

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Google Street View cars are hitting Lithuanian roads again

This summer, Google Street View cars will be cruising Lithuania once again with the goal of updating local data in Google Maps. This time, Street View cars...

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Google Street View cars to return to Lithuanian roads

Google Street View cars will once again appear on Lithuanian roads on Wednesday and plan to spend two months updating information on intercity roads.

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