February 16

27 straipsnių

Gabija Zdanytė, Deimantė Marčiulaitytė

February 16th is a national holiday in Lithuania commemorating the Act of Independence which was signed in 1918. For every civic-minded Lithuanian, the State Restoration Day is the occasion to celebrate and rejoice in the most precious values of freedom and independence. This is how Lithuanians expl...

Staff members of the Lithuanian Special Archives have found another original copy of the Declaration of the Council of the Movement of the Struggle for Freedom of Lithuania, signed on Feb 16, 1949, while looking through recently received new documents of Lithuanian freedom fighters.


All Lithuania has celebrated its national day on February 16. On this occasion we would like to congratulate all Lithuanians and everybody who cares about Lithuania! See some great moments from this celebration. Happy 101 birthday, Lithuania!

Ignas K. Skrupskelis

In the twentieth century, most of Lithuania underwent seven currency changes, not counting a stretch with no currency at all, and two with only scrip, while of the remainder, the Vilnius region—eight, and the Klaipėda—six. These changes went hand in hand with changes in ownership, laws, economic pri...


Lithuania celebrates the Day of Restoration of the State, commemorating the 99th anniversary since the nation declared independence from the Russian Empire on February 16, 1918.