Ethnic minorities

Activists urge Lithuanian Olympians to speak out on human rights in China

A dozen members of the Tibet Support Group picketed the Chinese embassy in Vilnius on Friday over human rights violations in the country, urging Lithuanian...

Jewish community condemns China's attempts to manipulate Holocaust (1)

The Jewish Community of Lithuania (JCL) on Friday strongly condemned China's attempts to manipulate the Holocaust topic.

Half of people in southeastern Lithuania don’t watch Polish TV channels

Half of the residents in southeastern Lithuania do not watch Polish TV channels as some of them choose Russian ones, a survey commissioned by Lithuania's...

Embassy calls parliament's human rights discussion 'anti-China farce'

Beijing's embassy in Vilnius has condemned Thursday's human rights discussion hosted by the Lithuanian parliament as "an anti-China farce".

China slaps sanctions against MP Sakaliene

China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday added Lithuanian MP Dovile Sakaliene to the list of sanctions.

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