State of emergency to expire in Lithuania new emergency regime due from Friday

The state of emergency introduced in Lithuania two months ago due to the war in Ukraine is set to expire on Wednesday.

Lithuania sees birth rate drop by 10 percent death rate rise by 25 percent

Lithuania has seen its birth rate drop by a tenth over a year, and the number of deaths has risen by a quarter, according to the latest figures from the...

Portable exhibition about archaeologist Gimbutas to be displayed in France and US

The National Museum of Lithuania has prepared a portable exhibition about Lithuanian archaeologist Marija Gimbutas (Gimbutiene) and it will be displayed in...

Population declines by 12,000 in first half of 2021

Lithuania's population declined by 12,000 during the first half of 2021, due to natural change rather than emigration, the statistics office said on Friday.

Value-based approach: Lithuanian scientists provide insights into migration culture

Migration has been a pressing issue in Europe for several years now, and recently it has posed new challenges. The surge of migrants on the border of...

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