Naujai istorija sudėta! ----- Skansenas – pirmasis pasaulyje muziejus po atviru dangumi / Allsång på Skansen – dainavimas kartu nuo „trisdešimt...

Gender inequality in higher education: 17 percent pay gap between female and male academics

Carried out in 2018-2019, the Analysis of Diversity and Equal Opportunities in Vilnius University (VU) revealed that the number of women working at VU...

Lithuania publishes list of 45 most coronavirus-affected countries

The Lithuanian Health Ministry published on Tuesday a list of 45 countries most affected by the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

More regular flights from Vilnius to be resumed (1)

Regular flights from Vilnius to Barcelona , ​​Milan and Dublin are resuming on Tuesday.

Call from air: Vilnius invites visitors with impressive flight

The hospitality professionals of the Lithuanian capital flew over the city in a hot air balloon carrying the message " Vilnius is calling". They chose...

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