Lithuanian retailer Maxima to enter Ireland

Lithuania-based retail chain Maxima is planning to enter Ireland 's market. The chain is looking at the southern part of Dublin with Shankill shopping...

On this day in sport: 5 October

On this day in sport Lithuanian Modestas Paulauskas claimed his third straight EuroBasket Gold medal in Italy.

Lithuanian organization among European Enterprise Promotion Award winners

The seven winners of the 8th edition of European Enterprise Promotion Awards (EEPA) were announced on Thursday. Lithuania's App Camp was recognized for its...

Lithuanian soldier returns home after mission in Kosovo

A Lithuanian officer returned home on Tuesday after a three-month deployment with NATO 's Kosovo Force (KFOR).

On this day in sport: 28 September

Today we honour the late Vitalija Tuomaitė who was a patriot of women’s basketball in Lithuania during the end of the Cold War.

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