Baltic Sea region

Half-hearted reforms won't raise competitiveness of the Baltic Region - Swedbank

Russia has exited recession and now all the Baltic Sea region (BSR) economies are expanding, but growth is expected to be modest. The global rise of...

(Un)convenient Kaliningrad and Kremlin’s relationship

Kaliningrad is the smallest part of the Russian Federation, spanning over 4-times smaller Lithuanian territory, with over a little less than a million...

Lithuania considers purchase of missile artillery systems

Lithuania is considering supplying the country's Armed Forces with missile artillery systems, a weapon the army still does not have.

New missiles in Kaliningrad aimed at hindering NATO ships' access

The deployment by Russia of new missiles in its Baltic Sea exclave of Kaliningrad is aimed at restricting access for NATO allies' ships to the Baltic...

No general conscription for Lithuania before 2020

Should Lithuanian politicians decide to introduce general conscription , preparations would take at least four years and require more funding , experts say.

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