No foreign travel restrictions during 2nd lockdown

As is Lithuania is set to introduce restrictions for people's inter-municipal movement, the government's representatives say there are no plan to restrict...

Wales and Scotland listed as non-safe

As of 23 November, Wales and Scotland have been added to the list of affected countries. Lithuania is currently mapped in the red area, and its list of...

Arrivals from four COVID-19 map countries will have to self-isolate

People coming from four countries or their parts on Europe's COVID-19 map will have to self-isolate in Lithuania as of Monday, the country's Health...

Inside Germany’s successful and broken integration experiment

Five years after the arrival of more than a million refugees, one city in western Germany is emblematic of all that’s gone right—and wrong.

Germany puts Lithuania on its risky region list due to COVID-19

Due to the existing epidemiological situation, Germany has on Friday put Lithuania on its risky region list, Lithuania's Ministry of Health said.