Ales Belyatsky

Lithuania provided info to Belarusian KGB on asylum seeker

Lithuanian institutions have provided information to Belarus ' KGB as part of a criminal case against a Belarusian citizen who asked for asylum in...

Delfi Plius

Seimas panel probing if Lithuania could provide ByLock consumer data to Turkey

The Lithuanian parliament's Committee for Legal Affairs is working to establish whether Lithuania could have provided Turkey with information about uses of...

Delfi Plius

Protesters in Vilnius demand Lukashenko regime to release political prisoners

Several dozen of people gathered in the Town Hall Square in Vilnius on Tuesday urged Belarus to release political prisoners and ensure civil rights in the...

Delfi Plius

Lithuania praises Belarus' position on Ukraine

Lithuania has praised Belarus , saying its position on the Russian -Ukrainian conflict is "very positive" as well as Minsk's decision not to join Moscow's...

Delfi Plius

Belarus hesitant about facilitated border crossing with Lithuania

Belarus is once again asking for additional consultations over the facilitated crossing of the Lithuanian-Belarusian border, said Lithuanian Minister of...

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Delfi Plius Daiva Žeimytė-Bilienė, laida „Iš esmės“

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