Syrian refugees

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Von Beate Klarsfeld, Benjamin Abtan

In March 2016, Ms. Merkel and Mr. Erdogan reached an agreement on refugees, which would eventually involve all of Europe. Countless refugees, namely Syrians, were trying to reach Europe and in particular Germany, where public opinion slowly started to show signs of opposition to their reception.

LT Daily, media brief

Abdulrahman Alfahed from Syria arrived with his family at the Rukla Refugee Centre a month and a half ago. The man is frustrated. So far the Migration Department has yet to interview him and the man has yet to receive a permit to live in Lithuania. Even if he did get it, Abdulrahman would not remain...

This is the first text from our #RefugeesLT initiative. On my third month in Lithuania as a refugee, and as I am passing through different situations here varying between the good and bad, I can confidently say now that Lithuanians have all the good seeds inside them to blossom and prove they are no...

Another 11 refugees – originally from Syria but lately living in a refugee camp in Greece – arrived in Lithuania in the early hours of Friday. To read this article, try a €5.99 monthly subscription by clicking here.


After two days of negotiations, Turkey and the European Union reached a compromise agreement on a plan to reduce the flow of migrants from the Middle East to Europe. At a summit concluding March 18, the heads of government of the 28 EU members and their Turkish counterparts approved the plan, which ...