Statistics Lithuania

Number of births in Lithuania may hit 60-year low this year - media

A researcher predicts that Lithuania this year may record the lowest number of births in the past 60 years, the Delfi news website reported on Tuesday.

Experts forecast lower 2018 emigration statistics for Lithuania

Experts predict that the wave of emigration from Lithuania will this year be smaller than in was in 2017, while immigration into the country will grow, shows...

Emigration from Lithuania down, more people return in Q1 y/y – statistics

Emigration from Lithuania in the first quarter of 2018 declined by a third from the same period last year, with more emigrants returning, Statistics...

UK remained top emigration destination for Lithuanians in 2017

The United Kingdom remained the most popular destination for emigration from Lithuania last year, data from Statistics Lithuania showed on Wednesday.

New Chinese Ambassador to Lithuania: Looking forward to the new spring for China-EU Cooperation

With the development of China and the continuous deepening of reform and opening up, the business community in both China and Europe are looking forward to...

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