Lithuanian Foreign Ministry and 22 embassies express support for Baltic Pride

Lithuania's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and 16 embassies have made a joint statement, expressing support for Baltic Pride.

Portugalijoje – G. Zykutės pergalė 6:0, 6:0 H. Traškino nesėkmė Olandijoje

Sėkmingai Tarptautinės teniso federacijos ( ITF ) moterų teniso turnyro Portugalijoje vienetų atrankos varžybose žaidžia Gerda Zykutė .

Gay spouses continue to fight Lithuanian migration authorities

A married gay couple continues to fight Lithuanian migration authorities that refuse to grant one of the male spouses residency permit.

Finland, Sweden pushed closer to NATO by Russian pressure

Every year, Estonia holds special military exercises called Spring Storm. The exercises are for those conscript soldiers who have just completed their term...

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