Ministry of National Defence

Lightning Bolt 2015 wargames end with military operation in Švenčionėliai

On 10 May, a large-scale military operation was conducted in Švenčionėliai town, which was the last phase of the exercise Lightning Bolt 2015.

Conscription notices to be sent to 37,000 men in Lithuania

Lists of conscripts have been complied at the Lithuanian Ministry of National Defence on Monday.

French warship to visit Klaipėda port

On 11-13 May, the FS Pluvier (P 678), a patrol boat of the French Navy, will pay a friendly visit to the Klaipėda Seaport.

Large military exercise starting off Lithuania's Baltic coast

An international naval exercise Baltic Fortress 2015 is starting in the Baltic Sea off the Lithuanian coast on Monday, involving 20 warships and three...

Lithuania and Germany agree on howitzer deal (1)

Lithuanian experts reached agreement on the purchase of 16 Pzh2000 howitzer during their visit to Germany earlier this week, Lithuania's Ministry of...

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