March 11

Independence Day events to be canceled in closed spaces

The Board of the Lithuanian Seimas, upon receipt of the health minister's recommendation, made the decision on Friday night to cancel all events planned at...

Proposal to make Jan 13 public holiday registered

Two lawmakers from the opposition conservative Homeland Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrats have proposed making the Day of Freedom Defenders on...

Lithuania marks Jan 13 anniversary and honors freedom defenders

Lithuania marks the 29th anniversary of Soviet aggression and the memory of killed freedom defenders on Monday.

Traditional run in Vilnius to honor 1991 crackdown victims

Vilnius is hosting on Saturday a traditional run to pay tribute to the victims of the Soviet army 's crackdown on unarmed civilians in the Lithuanian...

Lithuania asks Russia to ensure security of its embassy in Moscow after threatening letter

Lithuania is asking Russia to ensure the security of its embassy in Moscow after its staff received a threatening letter.