Lithuanian Hydrometeorological Service

Warmest January in Lithuania on record

This past January was the warmest on record in Lithuania, with temperatures averaging 2.8 degrees Celsius, six degrees above the multi-annual average,...

2019 was warmest year since records began

2019 was the warmest year in Lithuania since records began, which was determined by global climate change , meteorologists announced on Thursday.

Weather breaks November 4 records

Temperatures in the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius and the southern city of Varena broke the November 4 records, the country's Meteorological Service said...

Record temperatures reported on weekend

Record temperatures were reported on Sunday in many areas in Lithuania. Residents of Kybartai, Varena and Taurage areas were the luckiest ones to enjoy...

Mid-June temperatures hit new 58-year high

Lithuania has recently experienced its hottest mid-June in 58 years, the Hydrometeorological Service said.

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