Astravyets Nuclear Power Plant

'Google-translated' environmental impact report has Lithuania doubting Belarus serious on nuclear safety

An environmental impact assessment report that Belarus has presented to Lithuania regarding its Astravyets Nuclear Power Plant reads like it was written...

Is radiation a danger after accident at Belarus nuclear plant?

Lithuanian State Nuclear Power Safety inspectors say that there is no information suggesting that a possible incident at the Astravyets nuclear plant, 50km...

Belarusian drones crossing into Lithuanian territory, border guards say

Lithuanian border guards have spotted an increasing number of drones flying from Belarus into Lithuania's airspace.

Lithuania demands explanation over reported incident in Astravyets nuclear plant

Lithuania has summoned Belarus' ambassador and handed him a diplomatic note over a reported incident in the construction site of Astravyets nuclear power plant.

Astravyets nuclear plant 'is a crime', says Belarusian Nobel Prize winning author

Belarusian journalist and author Svetlana Alexievich, who has been awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature, said during a visit in Lithuania that the...

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