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András Simonyi

While the refugee and migrant crisis is an existential problem for Europe, it is also a huge opportunity. The way it is handled will critically impact not only the future direction of Europe, but also its identity - the European ethos - economics, demographics and indeed (don't be scared!) culture. ...

All cable-related works on the NordBalt power interconnection have been completed in the Baltic Sea. The 400km submarine cable connecting Lithuania and Sweden has been protected from vessel anchors and fishing equipment along its most vulnerable sections.

Ramūnas Bogdanas

One month after a small Lithuanian aircraft, An-2, crashed into the Baltic Sea on 16 May, the public still knows very little about what happened and why. If officials in charge of the investigation know more, they keep it to themselves.

The Topaz Installer cable laying vessel has finished her work. In just a year and two months, with short interruptions, she laid 400 kilometres of NordBalt cable onto the bottom of the Baltic Sea. 90 percent of the link construction works have already been completed, reports energy company Litgrid.