Belarusian opposition

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Dmitry Semenov

Is there opposition in Russia? Do Russian people support the war? Are liberal ideas popular only in Moscow and a few other large cities: myth or reality? Why did Putin’s regime decide to kill Nemtsov and imprison Navalny? You will hear answers to these and many other questions in Delfi’s interview w...

2023 m. октябрь 27 d. 15:55
Justina Vaišvilaitė

Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis calls on his counterparts at the European Union’s (EU) Foreign Affairs Council to consider the Belarus sanctions package separately from the exception for Belarusian potash, which has prevented the EU from approving the Belarus targeted sanctions for half a ye...

2023 m. май 22 d. 16:14

Lithuania's Police Department has on Tuesday denied reports that Lithuania's police might have handed over 15 surveillance drones to the Belarusian State Committee for Forensic Science on 16 September, with the law enforcement agency saying it did not contribute to the European Commission project in...

2020 m. октябрь 06 d. 16:45