For the 6th year in a row, Lithuania retained its leading position in Europe in terms of fibre-optic (FTTH) Internet network penetration. According to the global ranking, Lithuania comes in number 8, the annual report of the FTTH Council Europe shows.
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Over the past year, the number of fibre-optic Internet users in Lithuania increased by almost 3 percentage points and reached 34.6 percent. This is so far the best result among the 39 European countries where the study was conducted in late 2014.

Sweden, which is quickly catching up with Lithuania, is in the second place in the European FTTH ranking of the FTTH Council Europe with almost 33 percent of its population using the fastest Internet access in 2014. Latvia is in the third place with a penetration rate of 29 percent. In terms of FTTH penetration in Europe, Estonia is in the 13th place with 12 percent of households using fibre-optic internet. With a rate of nearly 70 percent of FTTH subscribers/homes passed, the United Arab Emirates leads the world in FTTH penetration.

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