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Karolis Broga

The Lithuanian Education Employees’ Trade Union (LŠDPS) has submitted to the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport its proposals on teachers’ wage raise. The trade union launched a strike on 29 September when an agreement was not reached with the Government on higher salaries for teachers.

03.10.2023, 10:14

The minimum monthly wage in Lithuania is set to rise 9.4 percent to 607 euros, from the existing 555 euros (before tax), as of next year, and the minimum hourly rate to grow 9.7 percent to 3.39 euros, from 3.72 euros now.

02.07.2019, 18:23

Lithuania's Tripartite Council, uniting the government, employers and trade unions, on Tuesday failed to reach agreement on how much to raise the minimum monthly wage as of 2020, leaving the government to decide that once again, just as it did last year.

28.05.2019, 18:42

After Lithuania's parliament on Tuesday improved the new Labour Code to take effect in July, no changes are expected in the sense of flexibility of labour relations, economists say, adding that the initial ambitious plans of liberalizing labour relations has been downgraded into a reflection of the ...

06.06.2017, 16:46

The majority halted the new Labour Code in the hopes of an extra half a year allowing employer and employee representatives to reach compromise on the most disputed questions. It would appear that such expectations were overly optimistic.

09.02.2017, 12:06

Lithuania's parliament will on Saturday discuss President Dalia Grybauskaitė veto on the new Labour Code that is meant to liberalize relations between employers and employees. Under the Seimas statute, MPs should decide during the meeting whether the law should be discussed again or scrapped.

09.09.2016, 11:39

The teachers' trade unions involved in the nearly two-week-long strike for higher wages in Lithuania have announced that they are prepared to call off their strike as early as Friday. Audrius Jurgelevičius, the leader of the Lithuanian Education Trade Union, told LRT that he believes that the trade ...

03.03.2016, 08:59
LT Daily, media brief

Lithuanian Teacher‘s Unions will continue their strike action on Thursday but negotiations with the Government may not restart until Monday.

25.02.2016, 09:33