Radwan is a journalist from Syria who moved to Vilnius from a refugee centre a few weeks ago. While he has already successfully found employment at Western Union, many potential landlords shut their doors upon seeing Radwan, with even some Facebook groups dedicated to looking for housing removing him.
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“The whole situation is incredibly disappointing. I did not expect it would be this difficult. I was prepared for difficulties, but not this sort. Finding a place to live is truly difficult. And if it happens, I am faced with the question of where I am from. This is the hardest part, when I say that I am from abroad, not to even speak of Syria, landlords fire back that they do not let to foreigners,” he said.

While he has received support from friends in Lithuania, his current host Žydrūnė Vitaitė stresses that there is a need to work against ingrained local xenophobia.

While real estate experts admit that many potential landlords are often unwilling to let their property to foreigners, Radwan was likely unlucky and simply needs to focus on perhaps longer-term contracts or estate agents.