In the ranking which is named “Rainbow Index” Lithuania takes 32nd place out of 49 countries. Each country is measured by its laws and policies.

High ranks are given to countries that forbid discrimination against gay and transgender people, recognize gay marriage, punish hate crimes, gives asylum to people from homophobic countries.

At the top of the list for LGBTI people - Malta. After this country, Belgium, Luxembourg, Finland, and Denmark follow.

Lithuania in the ranking got 23 percent score. In the ranking report it is mentioned that in order to improve the legal and policy situation of LGBTI people in Lithuania the country should develop an accessible and transparent legal framework for legal gender recognition, which establishes an administrative process based on self-determination and free from abusive requirements (such as GID/medical diagnosis, medical intervention, divorce, or age limits).

It is also advised to adopt legal measures to recognize and protect same-sex couples, such as civil unions or registered partnership.

Moreover, the NGO recommends focussing on protecting and promoting freedom of expression for LGBTI people.

Rainbow Map
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