Russia's aggression in Ukraine has prompted Western countries to unite and leading European countries to play a more active geopolitical role, breaking their long-standing political traditions, the Lithuanian president said.

"Doors are closing to the Russian capital at a rate that would not have seemed possible even a few weeks ago. NATO is very active and engaged, and the EU seems rejuvenated and purposeful as never before," Nauseda said.

"What is crucial now is not to stop halfway. We have already seen Russia place its nuclear forces on "high alert". There might be other attempts to sow fear and anxiety soon," the Lithuanian president said.

Nevertheless, Nauseda believes, Russia's nuclear threats are a bluff, and Ukraine must be supported by all means without entering into a direct military confrontation.

"However, if the West cannot risk an all-out nuclear war, neither can Russia. We must call the Kremlin’s bluff and continue to support the Ukrainian struggle by all means short of direct military confrontation," the president said.

In his words, Moscow should have no doubt on the collective readiness of the West to punish any further Russian transgressions.

"However, it is only by forcing the Russian forces to retreat from the territories it has sought to occupy that we can both stop the bloodshed and prevent further destabilization of the whole region," the Lithuanian leader said. "To help Ukraine, we need to unite forces across the Atlantic. (…). We salute the sovereign Ukrainian decision to apply for membership of the EU and hope that the accession process will be as fast as possible, given current circumstances."

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