Zelensky said that Ukraine will never become “a hostage of geography” and will not allow Russia to destroy its statehood. He thanked Lithuania for its support and aid, adding that weapons transferred by Lithuania to Ukraine helped with stopping the invasion.

Speaking about weaponry, President Zelensky stressed that Ukraine needs more air defence systems, which are in short supply across the world. He said Ukraine is interested in joint production of armaments and has started working with partners from the United States and continues working with European partners.

Furthermore, Zelensky said that Russian President Vladimir Putin has no plans to stop and his goal is full occupation of Ukraine. According to him, any doubt among partners as regards financial and military support for Ukraine would only further embolden the Russian Federation.

Zelensky said that Putin would not stop until he fully destroyed Ukraine and if Ukraine falls, then security risks would increase for the Baltic States and Moldova. He noted that Russia has also started to threaten Finland and Uzbekistan’s independence.

In turn, President Nausėda emphasised that Lithuania is ready to continue rendering full-fledged assistance, and the State Defence Council has approved a long-term military aid package for Ukraine valued EUR 200 million. In January, Lithuania will send more ammunition and generators, in February it will deliver armoured carriers M557, will train Ukrainian soldiers and step up defence industry cooperation.

Nausėda added that Europe’s defence industry must do more to accelerate production and react appropriately to the complex security situation in order to help Ukraine.

Moreover, the head of state underscored that Lithuania strongly supports Ukraine’s European Union membership aspirations and that Ukraine’s place is in the EU.

Speaking about the upcoming NATO summit in Washington, Zelensky expects to hear a message on air defence capabilities and Ukraine’s membership in the Alliance.

Nausėda remarked that if little progress is made on Ukraine’s NATO accession in Washington, then this would likely be received as a failure. Therefore, he called to make another step forward towards Ukraine’s accession to NATO.

Nausėda also warned not to trust Russia’s desperate propaganda, which claims that Moscow is prepared for talks on truce. “Ukraine controls the situation and Ukraine is strongly determined to strive for victory and I have no doubt in it,” Nausėda said.

Zelensky added that Kyiv is not being pressured by allies to freeze the conflict, even though there may be “different angles of discussion” in the media.

Later on Wednesday, Zelensky will meet with Lithuanian Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė, Parliament Speaker Viktorija Čmilytė-Nielsen and the Seimas delegation. In the afternoon, the Ukrainian president will address people in Daukantas Square, near the Presidential Palace.

In the evening, Zelensky will leave Lithuania for Latvia and Estonia. He previously visited Lithuania in July 2023 to take part in the NATO summit in Vilnius.