Panevėžys Mayor Rytis Račkauskas later said the situation was under control and protective barriers were installed to stop the flow of water to the river.

Meanwhile, MP Jonauskas asked authorities to investigate who was responsible for potentially poor maintenance of the reservoir infrastructure and what damage the rising water level in the Nevėžis River might have done to residential property and the environment.
The politician also asked the Ministry of Environment to launch a preventative inspection of Lithuania’s major dams so that a similar situation would not repeat elsewhere.

He says maintenance of dams should be a priority and they require more attention, whereas heavy rainfall proves that climate change also affects Lithuania.

The MP also suggested that dams, which no longer serve their primary purpose, would be dismantled.

“There are many dams in Lithuania that do not carry out their functions, which are likely negligently maintained, while the condition of decaying dams endangers not only the environment but also the property and even the lives of people. The programme of the ruling parties set a goal to dismantle such dams. Now this presents a great opportunity for this,” said Jonauskas.

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