Deputy Minister Abukevičius spoke on weaponry donations, financial commitment to Ukraine, military training and demining. He voiced the importance of financial commitment to Ukraine – a budget line-item assistance. The deputy minister also pointed out Lithuania’s contribution to training the Ukrainian military.

“Lithuania has already arranged three different military training courses for the Ukrainian military since the beginning of the full-scale war. Lithuania will be providing five different additional specialist courses in the second half of August. We will have trained roughly 150 Ukrainian military specialists over six months at that point,” said Abukevičius.

The conference organised by Denmark, the United Kingdom and Ukraine pulled together Northern European countries as supporters of Ukraine. Their representatives in Copenhagen were joined by representatives of the United States of America, Canada and the European Union.

The conference addressed all main themes of assistance to Ukraine: long-term financial support commitment, increased production of weaponry, artillery and ammunition, extension and amplification of training for the Ukrainian military and continued assistance in Ukraine’s demining efforts.

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