“This pact marks a new phase in Lithuania’s space industry. (&). Our space sector is primarily for the people who work on Earth, because all our breakthroughs in biotechnology, communications and information technology have come because Lithuania has strived to become a country that develops space innovations,” the minister said at a signing ceremony on Wednesday.

Deputy head of NASA Pamela Melroy, American retired astronaut, noted that Lithuania has become the first Baltic state to sign the accord.

The Artemis Accords are grounded in the Outer Space Treaty of 1967, outlining the vision and principles for a safe, transparent environment that facilitates exploration, science, and commercial activities for all of humanity to enjoy. This and other related documents define the civil space activities carried out in outer space by the civil space agencies of the signatory countries.

The agreement was signed at Vilnius Space Days organised by the Innovation Agency in Vilnius. The event is attended by executives of the German space technology concern OHB SE, Lithuanian companies Blackswan Space, Delta Biosciences, Lidaris, Astrolight Space and the Lithuanian-founded Kongsberg NanoAvionics.

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