He hopes the signals would not be confirmed that Alexander Lukashenko might not be put on the sanction list for the Minsk regime the EU is now considering due to objection from major EU countries.

"The different position of EU member states and a lack of common agreement undermine Belarus' chances of becoming a democratic country one day and do not contribute to ensuring political stability in the region," Karbauskis wrote, marking his post as political advertising.

In his post, Karbauskis called Lukashenko "supposed Belarusian president".

He also very much doubted that the Belarusian authorities' threats to divert cargoes from the Lithuanian port of Klaipeda "will have significant impact capable of causing major damage" since Lithuania's economy "has long been West-oriented".

"It is very likely that Lukashenko's political decision to take revenge on Lithuania for the fact that we speak out for democratic processes in Belarus and do not recognize the rigged vote and close the flows of goods via the port of Klaipeda would, first of all, do damage to Belarus itself and its people who are also ready struggling," the politician said.

"But it’s not the economic side of the situation that is the most important. The important thing is that while condemning the dictator, we express solidarity with the Belarusian nation seeking to live in a fairer society respecting basic human rights," Karbauskis wrote.

Just like other Western countries, Lithuania does not recognize the results of the presidential election in Belarus and Lukashenko's legitimacy and has introduced sanctions for vote-rigging and violence against citizens together with other Baltic states.

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