Vytautas Kamblevicius told reporters on Friday that the new party will elect its chairman at its founding convention in December.

"I am 100 percent sure that Juozaitis will be the leader of our newly-founded party," he added.

Kamblevicius heads a new political group, named "For Lithuania's Welfare", that was set up in the Seimas following the collapse of the Order and Justice parliamentary group.

Juozaitis' candidature for the new party's leader is a source of friction between Remigijus Zemaitaitis, the Order and Justice chairman, and Kamblevicius, its first vice-chairman.

After the Order and Justice board decided in late September to set up a new political party and bring in a new leader from outside, Kamblevicius met with Juozaitis to discuss the possibility of him standing for the post.

Zemaitaitis says Kamblevicius had no authority to hold talks with the philosopher as a potential candidate.

However, the latter insists that he had the authority and that other Order and Justice members of the "For Lithuania's Welfare" group also back Juozaitis for chairman of the new party.

Juozaitis himself says that the key provisions of the Order and Justice party's program are basically the same as those of his "Lithuania is Here" movement.

"For Lithuania's Welfare" was formed by members of the collapsed Order and Justice parliamentary group, with the exception of Zemaitaitis who joined the non-attached group.

The Order and Justice Party as a legal entity is standing trial on charges of obtaining over 350,000 euros in funds as bribes or through other illegal means.

Juozaitis finished fifth in the presidential election with 4.69 percent of the vote.

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