Its data shows that the average annual salary in Lithuania reached 21,400 US dollars (20,400 euros at today's exchange rate) last year, or 95.5 percent more than in 2011 (10,960 US dollars or 10,430 euros).

"If pay continues to rise in the Baltic states over the next decade, it could become very attractive to any foreign worker," the study concludes.

Lithuania came in second among 34 countries in terms of pay growth, lagging only behind Latvia where the average pay increased by 104 percent to 18,100 US dollars (17,200 euros) over ten years.

Estonia was third with a growth rate of 88.5 percent to 20,400 US dollars (21,400 euros), while in Poland, the average salary increased by 55.8 percent to 13,300 US dollars (14,000 euros) in 2021.

The slowest wage growth has been recorded in Spain where the average salary has gone up by 3.8 percent to 27,000 US dollars (28,300 euros). Meanwhile, the average salary has fallen by 19.9 percent to 15,900 US dollars (16,800 euros) in Greece.

Tipalti, a US-based financial accounting technology company, assessed data from 34 OECD countries.

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