A large proportion (84%) of EU respondents are in favour of welcoming into the EU people fleeing the war. The percentage of Lithuanians is 93% in this respect.

The survey was carried out from October 24 to 12 November in all the 27 EU member states. In Lithuania, 1,013 respondents aged 15 and over were interviewed randomly.

In the poll, 86% of Lithuanians said they agree with providing financial support to Ukraine, compared to 72% of EU residents.

The survey also sought to assess public opinion on military aid to Ukraine, with 83% of the Lithuanians in favour, compared to an average of 60% in the other EU countries.

In addition, 79% of Lithuanians and 61% of citizens in the other EU countries on average approve of the EU granting candidate status to Ukraine. Only the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Bulgaria have less than half of the respondents in favour, according to the European Commission.

The survey also looked at views on the security and economic impact of Russia’s war in Ukraine. It shows that 84% of Lithuanians see the Russian invasion of Ukraine a potential threat to national security. Across the EU, an average of 73% of respondents feel this way about their country.

The highest percentages of people who believe that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine poses a threat to their country were observed in Poland (90%), Sweden (88%), Finland (85%), Portugal and Denmark (82% in each).

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