The ministry registered a bill on the establishment of the Rudninkai training area on Monday. The military training area used to be here during the Soviet times and is now being used for training by the Public Security Service.

"If the bill is approved, the first soldiers could enter the training area as early as May, not two years later as previously planned," the ministry said on Wednesday.

National Defense Minister Arvydas Anuauskas says Russian President Vladimir Putin's actions in Ukraine have shown that the projects Lithuania had planned to implement within a few years "need to be implemented now".

"Taking the existing situation and the increased defense budget into account, we are accelerating all possible processes that would contribute to the strengthening of the Lithuanian army," Anusauskas said.

The ministry says the establishment and servicing of the administrative and military training infrastructure within the training area will create up to 100 jobs.

The bill has yet to be approved by the government and then adopted by the Seimas.

The largest training areas in Lithuania are in Pabrade and Gaiziunai, but as the Lithuanian army is getting stronger and the number of allied troops is increasing, they are no longer sufficient.

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