„Everyone has to vote, it is our duty,“ she said.

However, she disagrees that the youth do not care about decisions that are important to the state. According to her, things have changed, and the youth have potentially become the most active group of voters.

„I think that everything has overturned, and young people are the most active, whereas older citizens are more passive, they often say that there is no one to vote for,“ Egle continued.

Member of Generation Z expressed her position regarding voting: the answer that „I won’t go because I do not understand anything about politics“ is unacceptable

According to voters, in the public sphere, there was a lack of information about the referendum, people were not sure how to express their views properly. Egle mentioned this as well.

„There was plentiful information about the elections, but not enough about the referendum, especially about the proposed amendment to the Constitution. It was not clear what exactly we were voting for,“ she admitted

Any advice to the youth?

Having performed her civic duty, Egle wanted to stress the importance of voting. She was convinced that there could be no excuses, and that everyone should vote, even if they were not actively interested in politics.

„You do not have to be into politics, but you should vote regardless. Also, you can expand your knowledge, talk to parents, friends, teachers, etc. „I do not vote because I know nothing about politics“ is an unacceptable stance,“ Egle said sternly.

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