The significance of 9 May to Lithuania and the entire Europe

Europe Day is a celebration of peace and unity. Lithuanians have been actively commemorating Europe Day since 2002. During Europe Day, various events and conferences are organised in Lithuania to increase public understanding about Europe’s history, strength, identity, and integration. On this day, the Schuman Declaration is commemorated as well. In 1950, during the Cold War, the French foreign minister Robert Schuman did not remain indifferent regarding the future of Europe. The declaration he signed helped pave the way for a united and peaceful Europe. This move is still considered the beginning of the current EU, and Europe Day is being celebrated since 1985.

Europe Day is important to all the member states of the EU, so Lithuania is no exception. It is a great opportunity to take a look at our country’s past and the progress we have made. In 2004, Lithuania joined the EU and committed to abide the values of a united and peaceful Europe that strives for international cooperation. Integration with the EU allows Lithuania to grow in the areas of economy and culture, among others, and leads towards common goals. And that is definitely important and significant.

An important day to the entire Europe: the youth were ready to celebrate

The youth made sure not to miss the important date

How did the youth of Lithuania celebrate Europe Day. What does it mean to them? Let’s see what they had to say.

„I had my eyes on several events in Vilnius and invited my friend to come along. It is a nice occasion, worth celebrating and appreciating,“ a girl said.

„We went to the events organized for Europe Day with fellow students. There were a lot of events to choose from, including some taking place at our university,“ a student commented.

An important day to the entire Europe: the youth were ready to celebrate

„I really like it when a lot of people gather during various events – I feel unity and collectivity. It was great to get that feeling again, although initially I had not planned anything special,“ another girl said.

Europe has a very rich history. Let us remember and celebrate it on Europe Day together. Unity is the strongest weapon against the rigours of life, after all. The Council of the European Union encourages participating in various activities, live and online alike, to commemorate Europe Day. In Lithuania, they are organized in pretty much every major municipality.

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