Open House Vilnius architecture weekend – 4/23-4/24
This weekend, buildings throughout Vilnius that are often partially or completely closed to the public will be open to visitors. The Open House festival, which operates in more than 30 cities around the world, aims to reveal hidden architectural treasures that may not get the exposure they deserve.
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Open Lithuanian Muay Thai Championship – 4/23-4/24
The Open Lithuanian Muay Thay Championship will be taking place in Vilnius this weekend, with the semi-finals on Saturday and the finals on Sunday. The event will draw competitors from throughout Lithuania and the region.
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Young Music Festival – 4/22-4/24
The Young Music Festival, which focuses primarily on electro-acoustic music, aims to introduce Lithuanian listeners to new musical innovators from around the world. The event includes numerous performers, most of whom require separate tickets to be seen.
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Sunday with Shakespeare - 4/24, 14:00
On April 23rd, the 400th anniversary of legendary English playwright William Shakespeare's death, the British Council and the British Embassy in Vilnius will invite people to the Presidential Palace for a number of activities to commemorate the event, one of which includes learning the steps to dances from Shakespeare's times.
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The Lithuanian Theatre Festival – 4/22-4/24
The Lithuanian Theatre Festival will be wrapping up this weekend with a performance each on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Girstutis Cultural Centre.
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Lawrence Brownlee and the Kaunas Symphonic Orchestra – 4/22, 18:00
Star US bel canto vocalist Lawrence Brownlee will be singing pieces by composers G. Donizetti and V. Bellini at the Kaunas State Philharmonic together with the Kaunas Symphonic Orchestra.
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Ažuolynas (Oak-grove) Run – 4/24, 11:00
The annual Ažuolynas (Oak-grove) Run will be taking place this weekend in Kaunas. The run includes professional runners, amateurs and families alike, and is held on an athletic stadium track shaded by oak trees.
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The Lithuanian National Symphonic Orchestra – 4/22, 18:00
“Epitafija praeinančiam laikui” (The Epitaph for the Passing of Time), a composition by Bronius Kutavičius, will be performed by the Lithuanian National Symphonic Orchestra this weekend at the Klaipeda Concert Hall.
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Sielos Ūsai (Soul Moustache) at the Kaštonas (Chestnut) in Klaipėda – 4/23, 21:00
The synth/acoustic pop duo Sielos Ūsai will be playing at the Kaštonas venue and restaurant in Klaipėda.
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