Diskusija. Geeks on the Front Lines: The Fight for Democracy, Internet Rights and Freedom (0)

2015 m. birželio 4 d. 09:54
Violation of Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity has clearly demonstrated that state security, democratic rights and freedoms including rights to free media, free expression, and free internet access are not a given and must be preserved.

Having taken into account the threats we shall strengthen our defensive powers in every sphere and first of all in the information space. Lithuania and other Baltic states are facing an open information warfare. Continuous disinformation, provocations and adverse propaganda are threatening state security.

New communication technologies are one of the means to strengthen the information defense. Login, a pioneering community in technologies and progress aims to contribute to this end by raising civic awareness and information literacy, creating a response to the adverse propaganda, not letting to mislead our people, humiliate our state and infringe our values.

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- Linas Linkevičius (LR užsienio reikalų ministras);
- Prof. J. Michael Waller 
- William Echikson



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