Mafia of Pravieniskes. Unwritten laws of the slammer (0)

2019 m. gegužės 15 d. 12:02
“I’ve always wanted to live a normal life. I’ve only slipped once and I understand my fault. But I’m not an animal. I wouldn’t do to an animal what they do to people”. This is not a line from a movie. This was a reality for prisoners in a Lithuanian prison in Pravieniskes that was revealed by DELFI journalist Dainius Sinkevicius.

“Imagine a zero and the hole in its belly. When you get there that’s what you are - that hole”, says an ex-convict that was brave enough to talk about the things that were happening behind bars.

Journalist D. Sinkevicius had a chance to disturb all Lithuanian prison system by publishing the book “Mafia of Pravieniskes. Unwritten laws of the slammer”. After getting the attention of Lithuanian politicians and people responsible for a prison system in the country he also worked on a documentary that proved again what inhuman things were happening in one of Lithuania’s jails.

“I wanted to be authentic and reveal the reality in the prison as it was. It was hidden from everyone for many years - also from relatives of convicts”, says the journalist.

The book and the documentary created by D. Sinkevičius reveals unbelievable reality: the journalist explored how the caste system was still in rule in one of Lithuanian prisons. Also, the details tell that even by supervision of official officers there were still drug trafficking, circulation of forbidden objects happening in Pravieniskes.