Global journey of Tautiška Giesmė captured in video clip (1)

2015 m. liepos 13 d. 16:53
Wrapped in huge tri-color flags, bearing Lithuanian colours, dressed in national costumes and joined by colourful initiatives, this year Lithuanians celebrated the 6th of July at 9 o’clock in the evening by joining together to sing the Lithuanian National Anthem. The organizers of the festival were not surprised by the enthusiasm of the global Lithuanian community – with the centenary of Lithuanian state rapidly approaching, the tradition to sing “Tautiška giesmė” all over the globe is expanding not only geographically, but also creatively. During its voyage around the world, Lithuanian “Tautiška giesmė” had its moment even on the Fox News live broadcast, potentially reaching almost 87 million viewers all over the USA.

Seven years ago, during the celebration of the millennium of Lithuania, the Lithuanian National Anthem was sung all over the globe for the first time. That time, after 9 months of travelling around the world, the yachtsmen of the legendary “Odyssey of the Millenium” invited Lithuanian communities around the world to unite in a single voice and together sing the uplifting “Tautiška giesmė”. Throughout its history the initiative “Tautiška giesmė around the world” has grown into a powerful and unique Lithuanian national tradition, becoming one of the biggest contemporary events uniting the Lithuanian people. This year the anthem was heard in Palanga, Oslo, Tallinn, Zakopane, London, Yerevan, Berlin, Dublin, Saga, Edmonton, Lentvaris, Bergen, Ukmergė, Peterborough, Rotterdam, Strasbourg, Stockholm, Milan, Prague, Punsk, Johannesburg, Tel Aviv, Madrid, Alytus, Glasgow, Vilnius, Warsaw, Dungannon, Kyiv, Tbilisi, Nuuk, Plungė, Varėna, Stavanger, Rauland and other towns all around the globe.



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