Xi Jinping

How Putin's western front thwarted pivot to the East (1)

Over the past several years, whenever Moscow entered into a difficult encounter on the Western “front,” it has typically tried to show interest in...

Asia’s rise, Russia, and the future of the global order

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Nowe, ogromne lotnisko w Polsce

W Chinach miały miejsce rozmowy pomiędzy polską delegacją rządową a chińskimi przedstawicielami. Efektem tych dyskusji są między innymi plany...

The impact of Panama Papers in Eastern Europe - and rest of the world

On April 3, the Panama Papers hit media outlets around the world, and the fallout was swift.

Nuclear security and arms control are non-issues for Russia (1)

Russia ’s absence from the nuclear summit in Washington, DC, last week was entirely predictable and yet baffling.