Poland gives state funeral to WWII resistance commander responsible for mass-murder in Lithuanian village

The Lithuanian, Belarusian and Jewish communities in Poland have been incensed by a state funeral accorded to a partisan leader linked to mass murders...

Grave robbers dig up WWI and WWII German graves in Lithuania

Grave robbers dug up two burial sites in Lithuania in search of military memorabilia from the two world wars, Lzinios.lt reports.

Labour Party wants Lithuania to refuse to accept more refugees

Lithuania's Labour Party has issued a statement, saying that the country should not to accept any more refugees than it has already committed to.

EU deal with Turkey may open up new migrant routes - Lithuanian president (1)

The European Union 's (EU) agreement with Turkey on returning migrants may open new migration routes to Europe, Lithuania's President Dalia Grybauskaitė...

Lebanon, the forgotten angle in the refugee crisis

Imagine for a moment that almost half of the population of Vilnius was Ukrainian refugees fleeing the civil war that rages on with the help of Putin 's...