World War One

10 unreported moments: Grybauskaite's diplomacy behind-the-scenes

With Dalia Grybauskaite having ended her second term as Lithuanian president, here is a look at her behind-the-scenes foreign policy activities.

Grįžęs į JAV Trumpas vėl ėmėsi pulti Macroną atnaujinta 16.10 (82)

JAV prezidentas Donaldas Trumpas antradienį vėl užsipuolė Prancūzijos lyderį Emmanuelį Macroną , šiam paraginus kurti bendrą Europos...

World War One memorial service held at Vilnius International Church

On Sunday November 11th a World War One memorial remembrance service was held at the Vilnius International Church on Vokiečių street.

NATO minehunters search for wartime explosives in Lithuanian waters

A group of NATO ships are searching for explosives left over from World War One and World War Two in Lithuanian waters in the Baltic Sea.

EU commission proposes to end seasonal clock changes in 2019 (Updated)

The European Commission said on Wednesday that it proposes to put an end to the practice of adjusting clocks twice a year in 2019.

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