Nufilmavo, kaip sunaikina beveik 3000 litrų alkoholio (53)

Antradienį per valandą Vilniuje sunaikinta 2940,79 l muitinės konfiskuoto likerio, degtinės, konjako ir denatūruoto etilo alkoholio.

Why is Lithuania's alcohol market shrinking?

The alcohol market in Lithuania is shrinking, and this is true for both legal and illegal sources of alcohol. Experts say that both alcohol consumption and...

Excise duties on alcohol and tobacco going up

Lithuania is raising excise duty on tobacco and alcohol as of March 1. The government expects the levy to bring in additional €15 million to state...

Lithuanian Vodka builds bridges to China with Baijiu

Lithuanian company Stumbras has started producing a high end version of the traditional Chinese drink, baijiu, which is massively popular in China .

3rd generation Lithuanian expatriate: My experience as military conscript

Liudvikas Jakavičius, a 31-year-old third-generation Lithuanian expatriate from Mexico , shares his experience of military service in the Lithuanian army .

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