Vitas Tomkus EN

Vitas Tomkus EN

Vitas Tomkus (born December 9, 1956 in Šiauliai) – Lithuanian journalist, editor and businessman.

Tomkus sells 80 pct stake in Lithuanian news agency ELTA

Vitas Tomkus , the owner of the media group Respublikos Leidiniai , has sold 80 percent of shares in the Lithuanian news agency ELTA .

Valatka leaves ELTA news agency after 1 day of work

Journalist Rimvydas Valatka said on Wednesday he had decided to leave the post of editor-in-chief at the Lithuanian national news agency ELTA after...

Valatka appointed as ELTA's editor-in-chief

Journalist and reviewer Rimvydas Valatka has been appointed as editor-in-chief of the Lithuanian national news agency ELTA , the company said on Monday.

Buyer appointed as CEO of ELTA news agency

Gitana Markovičienė , former commercial director at Respublikos Leidiniai (Respublika Publications) media group and formerly one of the leaders of the...

Tomkus selling controlling stake in Elta to Lithuanian Labor Party's ex-figure

Vitas Tomkus , owner of Respublikos Leidiniai ( Respublika Publications ) media group, is selling the controlling stake in Elta news agency.