Viktor Yushchenko

When we buy Russian gas, we buy them arms, Yushchenko says in Vilnius

When buying Russian gas and implementing joint energy projects with Russia , Europe funds its armament, former Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko told...

Transatlantic ties have no alternative, Lithuanian president says

Transatlantic ties are irreplaceable, Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaitė says amid the recent tension between the European Union and the United...

Constantinople to Trench on Russian Orthodox Church’s Canonical Territory

A brief glance on the religious conflict in Ukraine – the Patriarchate of Constantinople seems to be up to make things even more complicated.

Ukraine's ex-president Yushchenko in Vilnius: a new iron curtain descending over Europe

A new iron curtain is descending over Europe as Russia retains its influence in some post-Soviet countries, Ukraine 's former President Viktor Yushchenko...

Vilnius hosts high-level international conference on regional security

An international conference on regional security hosted by Lithuania's former President Valdas Adamkus will take place at Vilnius University on Tuesday.