Užupis EN

Užupis EN

Užupis (Yiddish: זארעטשע‎, Belarusian: Зарэчча, Russian: Заречье, Polish: Zarzecze) is a neighborhood in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, largely located in Vilnius' old town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Užupis means "beyond the river" or "the other side of the river" in the Lithuanian language and refers to the Vilnia River; the name Vilnius was derived from the Vilnia.

Užupis adds Hindi and Sanskrit plaques to its Constitution Wall

In a most colourful ceremony with song and dance and some animated speeches, two additional plaques were Thursday unveiled on the famous Constitution Wall of...

Pioneering the emotional Lithuanian cuisine by getting back to the sweet roots

In the very heart of Užupis , there is a restaurant just as exceptional and alluring as the Užupis itself — Sweet Root . It may be presented as the...

A place to have your last meal on Earth

With so many café and restaurant chains coming to Vilnius, it’s always nice to find a place that is independent, somewhere that’s just a little bit...

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