Turkijoje – galingas sprogimas (301)

Dijarbakyro mieste Turkijos pietryčiuose, netoli autobusų stoties, nugriaudėjo galingas sprogimas .

The European Union is not a security union

In the wake of any shocking event, national governments and officials of the European Union invariably call for more cooperation between member states to...

Lithuanian foreign minister criticises coalition partner’s plan to block refugees

Lithuania's Social Democrat Foreign Minister Linas Linkevičius has criticised coalition partner, the Labour Party 's proposal to stop more refugees...

The ulterior motive behind Russia’s partial Syria withdrawal (1)

With great fanfare and “surprise” Russia once again seemingly out-maneuvered Western leadership in Syria . While much ink has been spilled debating...

Lithuanians – some of the world‘s fairest people, scientists say

Lithuanians are some of the fairest people in the world, researchers at the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom found.

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