What would effects of Brexit be on Lithuania and wider world?

In three weeks, British citizens are voting on whether to remain in the European Union . The results of the referendum are hard to predict with any...

Tokios figūros nematei: sporto fanatikė iš Brazilijos priverčia į ją atsisukti (FOTO) (23)

Turbūt nerastume žmogaus, kuris pasakytų, jog sportas - blogis. Sveiką gyvenseną propaguojanti, dėl sporto treniruočių pamišusi brazilė Lais Deleon...

The Tatars: 700 years of influence on Lithuania’s history, language and food

The Lithuanian Tatar community is the oldest ethnic group living in Lithuania, having settled in the country when it was the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in...

Lithuania's death rates from overdoses twice EU average

The European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction has said that Lithuania's mortality rate due to drug overdoses is more than twice the EU average.

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