Lithuania holds National Dictation competition

Thousands of people in Lithuania and abroad are expected to take part in the annual National Dictation competition on Friday.

Poland's Itaka set to launch operations in Lithuania, fly passengers to Turkey, Greece

Itaka Holdings, Poland's biggest holiday tour operator, is set to launch operations in Lithuania after last year's failed attempt to acquire Novaturas, a...

Chinese FinTech startup PanPay has arrived to Lithuania

The Startup Visa programme initiated in Lithuania nearly a year ago to attract foreign talents to Lithuania has gained momentum. The geography of young...

Tragedijos vos išvengusiame lėktuve – panika (23)

Gauti įrašai, liudijantys apie tai, kas vyko šiaurinėje Turkijos dalyje nuo kilimo ir tūpimo tako nuslydusio komercinio orlaivio salone.

PM's stance on Russia: 2 points in support, 2 against, 2 motives (2)

The call from Lithuanian Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis to resume contacts with Russia on the political level and operations of an intergovernmental...

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