Brexit becomes truckers’ nightmare as red tape ties up drivers

A week on from Brexit, the main road to Dover has been so quiet that officials were able to close half of it Thursday for a litter-picking operation without...

Dakaro 7-ame etape – pirmoji šeimininko pergalė ir sekundėmis atsilikęs Peterhanselis (2)

Po poilsio dienos Dakaro ralyje sekmadienį prasidėjo 7-asis etapas ir pirmas iš dviejų maratono greičio ruožų. Sekmadienį vakare komandos neturės...

Higher food costs stalk Britons as new year brings Brexit

The supermarket sticker shock threatened by a no-deal Brexit has been averted, but British shoppers still may find prices creeping higher in the new year.

Brexit border chaos forces truckers to shun U.K. deliveries

European freight forwarders are rejecting contracts to take loads into the U.K. due to fears the chaos at Dover could be repeated post-Brexit.

Lithuanian Post warns of delays in parcel deliveries to UK (1)

Lietuvos Pastas ( Lithuanian Post ) has warned of delays in parcel deliveries to and from the United Kingdom amid new transport restrictions imposed by...

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